Get Involved

Your participation and commitment are essential to the success of sustainable development in the United States and globally. Please link your efforts to the Partnership and participate in our Calls to Action. Use the information resources available through each of our sector teams (see list on the left).

As a partner, your activities will be publicized through the USPESD website and publications, and you will be able to publicize Decade activities through your website, newsletters, and conferences, giving increased visibility to your programs that contribute to building a sustainable future.

We encourage partners to get involved in U.S. Partnership Action and Sector Teams (see links on the left), which are active in several areas (such as outreach, marketing, international issues, youth, etc.).

For those who wish to assume a leadership or supporting role on one or more of the USP teams, please note the following criteria:

  • participation in periodic conference calls
  • taking a 'team player', participatory approach to all communications and collaboration
  • willingness to spend a minimum of one to two hours per week working on team tasks for, in most cases, a minimum of one year (those in leadership positions can expect to give slightly more in time)
  • willingness to do outreach (relevant to all action team members and to those in leadership positions on sectoral or regional teams)
  • strong knowledge of the subject (especially relevant to action and sector team members)

To apply to join a team:
Please send [a] a short bio (no more than half a page) and [b] a statement of interest (no more than half a page) to a team leader (see links to email addresses on team pages).