Contact: Peter Adriance PAdriance@usbnc.org,

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Objective: Responsible for building and expanding the partnership through recruitment and providing tools for the partners to work together.

Key Tasks:
- Identify and recruit partners
- Develop "Decade" participation kit and outreach action packet for regional and sectoral facilitators to share with partners in their regions and sectors
- Develop a "Speakers Bureau" and exhibit materials that can be used by partners for community-specific outreach about the Decade and the Partnership
- Work with leaders within sectors and regions to initiate Decade awareness programs tailored to sectors and regions (e.g.. faith communities; living institutions; higher education)
- Produce a regular newsletter and other materials to provide information about the activities of the Partners and of the Partnership
- Establish monthly teleconferences for all partners for information sharing
- Ensure partners have access to partnership intranet and internet data and information sharing and communication tools
- Invite partners to submit best practices, collaboration and resource opportunities, success stories, events, and advocacy issues to the Partnership website